Starting the dream

When starting out you often have the dream, and you know what you would like to achieve today, tomorrow or even the years ahead. But actually understanding first-hand how hard it can be to make the right financial decisions is the first step.

Once we have earned your trust, our conversations provide clarity on the journey ahead, and together we work towards funding your dreams.

The choices you make and the habits you form in the starting out phase may impact how much choice you have over the years ahead.

Some of the challenges you may be facing over the next few years:

• Studying, working or travelling
• Living at home or with friends
• Starting a new job
• Saving to buy your own place
• Credit card debt
• Funding further education
• Moving out of the family home for the first time
• Making significant purchases e.g. car, holidays

A major focus at this stage should be on saving, so now is a great time to get smart with money.